Saturday, December 11, 2010

Undo The Blue

Feeling a little BLUE about finding a special gift for the last few people on your list?

Your almost-last minute shopping blues are over because we'll help you get it all wrapped up quicker than you can count to
Our December "Winter Wonderland" event (Dec. 16- 19th) Will have you shouting
and make you believe that Santa and his elves left a wagon-load of goodies for you to choose from!

Our DEER (come on now--get in the spirit!)
ROOMIES will help you with everything on your list and have you "in the pink"
in no time!
It's also your last chance to bring in non-perishable food items to help our Contra Costa County Food Bank drive
and earn raffle tickets to win a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, plus a $100 shopping spree at Room With A Past!

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving

We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving from our cottage to yours!
See you December on the 16, 17, 18 & 19th!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Here And More Importantly, NOW

Have you noticed how EARLY Christmas decorations made an appearance in the retail stores this season? It was before Halloween, for goodness sakes! But NOW seems like a total appropriate time to be showing up, doesn't it? We can't wait to see a little red here and a little green there, and a whole lotta silver and gold would be welcome right about NOW wouldn't it? Wouldn't it? Huh, huh, is it time yet, NOW??????

We're not going to apologize for squealing like little girls (in delight of finding a Chatty Cathy box under the tree on Christmas morning) at the sight of all this holiday cheer, and we hope you won't either! We couldn't wait to show you what you'll find NOW (tonight at 6PM anyway!) in store for you!
Oh, and just like the middle child who screams for attention lest you only notice the more shiny sibling, Thanksgiving is also here NOW!
Hope to see you soon! Our November sale is from Thursday, November 18 through Sunday, November 21. Go HERE for times and next month's sale dates!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Potpourri Of Thanks

We Roomies at Room With A Past are so lucky. We get to spend time with an ever-changing arena of seasonal beauty all around us.

That's something we can always count on and believe us, we're thankful for it. And if we were to make a list of the top reasons we are lucky to be able to do what we do, there's a few more things we'd have to add:
We get to work with some really great co-workers who are equally as excited about coming into work as we are and...
who are always ready to have some fun at the drop of a hat box!

We get to see all KINDS of unusual items and one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and even discover hidden gems-- like the birth dates of children written on the back of this vintage mirror, dating back to 1920!
But one of the things we are most thankful for, which is very near the top of our list is:
Great customers like YOU!!!
We wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thing Of The Past ~ A Peek Into Last Month's Shopping Cart

Have you ever snuck a peek at what the person next to you in the check-out line has in their cart? "What did they get? How much did they pay for it? And where did they find it because I want one too!"

It's a lot like that at the shop during the sale: people are always so curious as to what's been bought and is heading out the door. Well, we know it's not quite the same, but in the interest of quenching your curiosity, we thought we'd show you what were the most popular and fasted-selling items for October's opening. (You can click on the photos to see them larger.)

This one's for all the little people out there--kids, that is! This little "paint your wagon red" rolltop desk with chair rolled on out on its merry way to its new home in a jiffy. The set was priced at $149.00.
Swing low, sweet dresser.....well we thought this piece was worth singing about, and it was priced for a song; $98.00! And moving over one step to the left....
we find this tallboy with the same price of $98.00! Love that flirty scalloped skirt and lovely gams! It was on wheels, too, which we love because you just know when a dresser is this pretty, it's gonna go fast!
Here's another beauty. It's like a four layer wedding cake with all that embellishment! Can you see the two "glove boxes" (one on either side) on the top? Talk about charming! Someone came in during the sale looking for a "fancy" dresser. We were going to show them this one, but while we were turned around, it sold (for $158.00)!

OK, time for a cuteness break. We had to show you these ceramic little ladies. They hold a candle for a birthday wish and then become a keepsake. We still have a few left, but sold about half of them at $10.00 each.
Can you imagine having this in your home with all your precious china displayed on it? Oops, sorry, you will have to keep on dreaming because this hutch and this cabinet ($272.00) were married and now are living happily ever after in their new home. We do our best to grab these when we see 'em while we're out hunting down the goods, so make sure you check next month when we'll have loads of furniture aimed at holiday entertaining needs.
Desks were a big seller last month. This feminine one, priced at $127.00, offered plenty of storage without being too big or bulky.

Seems like the ever popular multi-use able side table/end table/nightstand has become a staple for our customers because they just eat them up! This one, priced at $40.00, had a small drawer and a useful shelf below. Just plunk a cute lamp on top and you're in business.

Under this spooky display was a delicate-looking vanity with an equally spooky price: $150.00. We loved the pencil-thin legs, the satin black painted top (for a touch of something different) and the fact that it had three drawers across the front.

So there's your peek. All done without any sidelong glances, squeaky-wheeled shopping carts or worrying about picking the slowest check-out line in the store. Maybe next month you'll see a picture of what YOU bought at the November 18, 19, 20 & 21st sale listed here! (You can also SIGN UP to get the monthly email announcements so you'll be reminded of each sale and any monthly contests just before it happens.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Woo Woo Woo Goes There?!?

An owl sat watching in a tree,
Just as wise as he could be,
Watching tricksters from door to door run,

Trick or treating and having fun.

After he had watched the whole scene

He said, "Whoo, whoo, whoo

"It's Owl-o-ween!"

We hope you and your punkin' heads join us this month for our October 21 - 24th opening! Do you get the monthly announcement reminder before each Room With A Past sale? You can sign up HERE to start receiving it!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Without A Hitch

The weather was iffy for our September Parking Lot sale, which was all the more reason for us Roomies to get our fannies in gear!

We hoisted five tents just in case, and set up shop outside.

Luckily not one drop fell and we were able to zip around slashing prices on things as our husbands and fans of empty garages everywhere rooted us on!

There was a little bit of everything

everywhere, every day during the weekend!

Blue skies, bargains and smiles--what more could a gal want?

Hope to see you next month: October 21 -24th! You can sign up here to receive the monthly announcement just a few days before each sale so you won't miss out! Or check out the Paris Flea Market October 7 - 10th!