Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two's Company

and three's a cutie pie alert! We just had to show you these triplets who came in to the shop during our May opening (with mom and some happy helpers!). Thanks--you made our day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Our Treat!

When our curtain is closed that's a good thing. Sure, you can't come in, but it means goodies are being brought in and arranged to be deliciously pretty for your ultimate arrival! Never ones to disappoint, we'd do anything to make you happy. Like give you a little sample to whet your whistle. An appetizer, if you will. Grab a little plate & napkin and let's go!

Can I serve you a little smidgen of this?

and just a slice of that?

Good thing you left room for these luscious layers:

and the candy-coated sweets.

And to top it off, something rich, yet light.

Oops, you've got a little something on your chin, there.

Still hungry? There's a huge buffet being laid out. A little something for everyone. And it all starts this Thursday, May 19th at 6 PM, with treats being offered through Sunday, May 22. Go HERE to see our hours and upcoming events!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Any Reason To Celebrate

Birthdays, holidays, we ROOMIES will use any excuse to have some fun! At the April sale we had a lot to celebrate!

Upon finding out it was a customer's birthday, we quickly stacked some pastries to make a mini cake and ambushed Laura (on the right) as the entire store joined in with a birthday song!

We also had lots of ladies showing up in their (Easter) Sunday best! These gals were still opening their eggs (some held $25.00 gift certificates inside!) when we just had to snap a picture of the hats upon their pretty heads.

They look good coming...

and going!

We will be declaring the winner who won a $75.00 shopping spree with their spring hat, in the May (May 19 -22) email announcement, so make sure you sign up HERE to see it!