Friday, July 31, 2009

Did We Mention We Got A Mention?

One of our loyal customers, Fenima, discovered us about 6 months ago and kindly asked if she could take some pictures to post on her brand new blog Vintage Therapy. We were thrilled to say "YES", and now we're happy to say "Thank you" as well! As I recall, she and her husband came in and ended up buying a little something for one of her own little ones, in addition to some great items for herself!
We also want to thank the very talented Tara Campell, at Real Life Decorating & More

who has Room With A Past listed under her favorite resources! Her blog is all about "providing trends, ideas, resources, local events & MORE." We noticed her most recent post points the way to some fabulous savings on fabrics. Check out her great eye for color and easy DIY projects!
And a third mention came from Bonnie at Interiors By Design,
who was astonished by our great prices! She not only fell in love with our monthly sales, she posted a picture of how one of her finds is being used in her home! So often we are only privy to the beginning and middle of a decorating story. It was a real treat for us to hear about a happy ending.
Do you have a happy ending you'd like to share about something you've purchased at one of our monthly sales? Please contact us! We'd love to know all about it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Before And After

We've gotta have vision, time and bristles to spare when we're ready to perform some magic on the finds we've collected between our sales!



We're down on our knees and up on our toes. A ladder to get a boost up is a must too!



And ta-da!



But our work's not done when the paint dries. Now it's time for a little muscle, hammers & lots of nails and a sense of color & placement to pull it all together!

From scattered treasures:

To organized pleasures:

It's almost time to turn on the lamps and open the door! We hope you can join us for our opening this month on July 16, 17, 18, & 19th, when we Escape To Treasure Island! Until then, we'll be behind the closed curtain, getting ready for our "next act"!
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did We Mention That We Got A Mention?

Please excuse my faux paus of forgetting to be vocally thankful to Jill Mitchell of "Le Trip", a noteworthy site that gives visitors (novice and not-so) tips and insider info on getting what they want out of their trip to France. She stopped by the shop in May, and added us as one of the best places to visit when you're NOT in France! But when you are planning a trip, please check out her blog. Lodging? History? Shopping? Fashion? A Flea Market (I'm getting giddy just at the thought!) perhaps? It's almost like she's right there, knowledgeably pointing out spots on your flimsy paper map and then re-folding it for you too! You can check out her calender of buying tours for the French vintage buff. As she states, "Visiting France with Le Trip is an experience we hope will give you memories to cherish for a life time."

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday ~ Patriotic Old School

Who doesn't love red, white & blue? We've met lots of people that collect Americana and display it year-round, not just in July. Here are a few things from our June opening that you might have seen:

Love the tea-time teapot, red-handled "cake separator", vintage blue-checked apron and enamel pots!

Vintage pot holders, wood knife holder, and see that card with the happy homemaker on it? That is a product from the 40's called "Mend-Its". If you get a hole in one of your pots, you can use the two metal disks to plug it up! Now that's thrifty American ingenuity to make you proud! Hope you have a safe & happy Fourth of July!

Have a hankerin' for more vintage goodies? You can see more vintage items every Thursday at Colorado Lady's blog.