Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Of Inspiration

From Jo Packham & Jenny Doh, who brought you all of the "Where Women Create" publications now comes their most exciting book yet "Book Of Inspiration--In The Studio And Behind The Scenes With Extraordinary Women".

This 144 page book is divided into 23 chapters, each one delving deeply into one woman's perspective and background on her art and the area (from a very tiny nook to an expansive studio) where it all happens.

Each artist (from fabulous to famous--a few of them even frequent Room With A Past!) is given a chance to intimately share her memories,
trademark colors, favorite quote, tricks to stay inspired, tips for organization and
exercises to fuel creativity that we can all use.

Shown in beautiful photos are ways to use vintage furnishings, shelving and accessories to

store, organize and display supplies and completed works of art.

The pages urge you to keep what inspires you in plain sight and

as you read about the trials and triumphs of each artist, you may recognize yourself at the stage you presently find yourself in whether you're creative or not!

Priced at $24.95, it's well worth the trips you'll find yourself taking as you get lost in each of the narrative voices of the personalities who created each space.

Book Of Inspiration--In The Studio And Behind The Scenes With Extraordinary Women
Lark Books, New York/London
ISBN # 978-1-60059-564-6

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thing Of The Past ~ A Peek Into The Last Sale's Shopping Cart

Have you ever snuck a peek at what the person next to you in the check-out line has in their cart? "What did they get? How much did they pay for it? And where did they find it because I want one too!"It's a lot like that at the shop during the sale: people are always so curious as to what's been bought and is heading out the door. Well, we know it's not quite the same, but in the interest of quenching your curiosity, we thought we'd show you what were the most popular and fasted-selling items for July's opening. (You can click on the photos to see them larger.)
The first items on our shopping list is this pine table on wheels ($65.00) and this vintage painted cabinet with a cute little glass knob. Can't you just see these guys being pressed into use in your grandma's kitchen? They were only in the shop for one day before they were gone...

This stack-style dresser ($87.00) held on through Saturday. We had (as always) a huge selection of vintage dressers--short and tall--to choose from. Next month, we plan to have a bunch of desks for all those students heading back to school!

Finding artful bargains in July was like a day at the beach! Everyone was eyeing the beautiful form and color of this original painting. It hit the road pretty quickly priced at only $28.00! It's new owner not only had good taste, but she also found a gold coin worth 10% off during our July Treasure Hunt!

(We had a few pirates and a wench who were all too happy to greet our customers and let them know all about the Treasure Hunt!)

This nightstand, also priced at $28.00, and this

extremely hard-to-find vintage metal arched headboard ($175.00) are gone, gone, gone.

Okay, now brace yourself. We are going to show you something so cute that you will slap yourself silly in regret that someone other than YOU is sitting in it right now! Ready?............

Isn't this chair the cutest thing you ever saw?!??! Would you believe it's in perfect shape and IT'S NOT FABRIC???????? It's vinyl! Really! You had to touch it to believe it! Wouldn't the world be a more tidy place if everything was cute AND washable?!?!?!? It was only $38.00!

And here's the biggest thing we sold in July; this handsomely shabbified huge buffet! We'd love to visit it at it's new home and see how it's doing. We truly do get attached to the things we sell! If it wouldn't be in our own homes, we wouldn't have it in the shop, cuz we know what you like!

Here's looking at you, kid. We'd never seen a vintage Venetian mirror ($72.00) with this shape and detail before. We're sure it's a nice reflection on it's new owner's sense of style.

So there's your peek. All done without any sidelong glances, squeaky-wheeled shopping carts or worrying about picking the slowest check-out line in the store. Maybe next month you'll see a picture of what YOU bought at the August Sale listed here! (You can also SIGN UP to get the monthly email announcements so you'll be reminded of each sale and any monthly contests just before it happens.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Was It All Just A Dream.........?

I awoke with a start; the sound of cruel laughter in the cold, damp night air from above. The wooden sounds of shoes dancing to a pirate tune, and tankards clanging drew me above deck. I gathered up my emerald taffeta and tulle gown, and in my bare feet, started up the dark stairs led by the scent of seawater and a faint glow from the moon, only to find HIM looking down on me from his perch in the crow's nest, the full moon behind his broad shoulders!

I was in the midst of a celebration and as the crew danced and flailed wildly, one of them grabbed my delicate arm and spun me around. Breathlessly, I wriggled free and ran to find a hiding spot, but instead was dazzled by the display of an open treasure chest still wet from the depths of the sea!

So many treasures of silver, jewels, fine lace, and then something shiny stopped me in my tracks! HE ordered his men to capture me, but I brushed away their boney hands as I stared, mesmerized into the infinite layers of ALL THAT TREASURE!

And then, just as my eyes could no longer bare the gleaming booty any longer, I SAW IT! A gold coin worth $100 (they also have coins that are good for $25, $50, $75 and 10% off!) to spend at Room With A Past! I knew their next sale was upon me from July 15-18th, and would have to act quickly, snatching up the coin (and not forgetting I could savor the chocolate inside later) I ran to the edge of the ship, expertly dodging the piles of thick rope on the slippery floor boards at my tiny feet.

My ample breasts heaving against a matching emerald lace corset, I leaned over the rough-hewn railing and knew I had a decision to make: stay here on this creaky, smelly ship with HIM (eeww), or jump into the murky depths, swim to shore and have just enough time to pull the seaweed from my lustrous long flowing hair, before arriving at the sale at Room With A Past.

I hear seaweed has many natural moisturizing properties...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Fourth!

We ROOMIES have just enough time before we join the parade to extend a heartfelt "Happy Fourth of July!" to all our loyal customers. Please have a safe holiday weekend, and we'll see you at our next opening: July 15, 16, 17 & 18th.