Monday, July 12, 2010

Was It All Just A Dream.........?

I awoke with a start; the sound of cruel laughter in the cold, damp night air from above. The wooden sounds of shoes dancing to a pirate tune, and tankards clanging drew me above deck. I gathered up my emerald taffeta and tulle gown, and in my bare feet, started up the dark stairs led by the scent of seawater and a faint glow from the moon, only to find HIM looking down on me from his perch in the crow's nest, the full moon behind his broad shoulders!

I was in the midst of a celebration and as the crew danced and flailed wildly, one of them grabbed my delicate arm and spun me around. Breathlessly, I wriggled free and ran to find a hiding spot, but instead was dazzled by the display of an open treasure chest still wet from the depths of the sea!

So many treasures of silver, jewels, fine lace, and then something shiny stopped me in my tracks! HE ordered his men to capture me, but I brushed away their boney hands as I stared, mesmerized into the infinite layers of ALL THAT TREASURE!

And then, just as my eyes could no longer bare the gleaming booty any longer, I SAW IT! A gold coin worth $100 (they also have coins that are good for $25, $50, $75 and 10% off!) to spend at Room With A Past! I knew their next sale was upon me from July 15-18th, and would have to act quickly, snatching up the coin (and not forgetting I could savor the chocolate inside later) I ran to the edge of the ship, expertly dodging the piles of thick rope on the slippery floor boards at my tiny feet.

My ample breasts heaving against a matching emerald lace corset, I leaned over the rough-hewn railing and knew I had a decision to make: stay here on this creaky, smelly ship with HIM (eeww), or jump into the murky depths, swim to shore and have just enough time to pull the seaweed from my lustrous long flowing hair, before arriving at the sale at Room With A Past.

I hear seaweed has many natural moisturizing properties...

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