Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We Shutter To Think!

We all know that shutters add instant cottage charm almost as fast as snapping your fingers. We've always got a few pairs tucked between our monthly treasures at the shop. Can you see them here?

Look closer!
See them?!?!?!

Shutters can add architectural interest, plus a beach-y or French flair, with different paint colors and finishes. Armed with a few ideas, next time you see some shutters you know what you can do with them to add that charm to your house!
Martha's Craft Of The Day email lands in our inbox every day. It's always something simple with readily available materials, and always looks great! That's why this one really caught our eye:
Keeping the look you want in mind, re-peruse those home decorating books and magazines you already have. We're betting you'll spy more ideas than you can shake a screwdriver at!

Or try a web search and see what sparks your interest, then take it from there and make it your own.

So think outside the ol' (window) box and show us what you come up with!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January: In Like A Sparkle, Out Like A Rose

As much as we love the holidays, honey, are we ever ready for a change. Outside we see gray clouds and rain, but you'd never know it but looking at our insides!

There's a touch of it everywhere. We're like a winter jacket with a pink satin lining, or a tightly wound bud with a flower bursting forth. This is not a month of your Forrest Gump box of chocolates: you KNOW what you're gonna get, and it's all candy for the eye!
We're ready to drink it in, eat it up and wear it on our sleeves!

This month's opening starts THIS THURSDAY from 6 PM - 9 PM, so button up your overcoat, and join us!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jump Start Your Heart!

"Pink, salmon, rose, peach. I'll take a generous sliver of each"

We can't get enough of it!

It's de-lightful, it's de-lovely


Who cares if it's raining outside? Just like the secret satin lining in your favorite purse, this month we're busy lining the shop in PINKS!

We've decided not to wait until next month when Valentine's Day finally makes its appearance. We want it PINK and we WANT IT NOW!

Hey how did this get in here? You must admit pink is nice, but you gotta have something to make you SMILE too!

See you soon at our January opening from Jan. 21 through 24th!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Year Of FUN Starts in Flannel!

What's a gal to do when she's spent the last month (or more!) finding gifts to give, wrapping, cooking, taking care of kids on winter break and organizing holiday get togethers? Don your jammies, girl and TAKE A BREAK!

When you put on your PJ's and wear them outside your house, you can't help but have a good day. (You can quote us on that). Yes, maybe you'll get some strange stares, but more likely you'll get lots of smiles, and people wishing they'd thought of doing that too!

Now that you mention it, some of our customers DID think of it and carried through with that thought:

We hope you made it to our New Year's day sale, where we started the year off with not a bang, but a slouch instead. (There's a lot to be said for slouching.)

If you missed our special half-off sale, you really ought to sign up on our email list so you'll receive our monthly announcements which include our special events and sales.

So grab your coffee, shuffle over to your comfy chair and relax for now. It's gonna be a busy year, but we want you to be able to slow down enough to notice the FUN things you can do, too. Maybe you're back to work, back to school, or back to "real life" now, but we can see that flannel peeking out from under your collar!