Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Light Of Our Life

Ever since the dawn of (wo) man, fire and light have been highly revered. And thank goodness! How else would we cook the pasta we've been craving? Or read the new home decorating magazine we've been saving for a quiet night after the sun sets?

Let there be light! And let it match my decor, while you're at it. A quick trip around the shop yielded these picks of what's in stock for the September opening (9/22-25th) of Room With A Past.

Clear glass with the trendy "no shade" shade goes with anything!

Have a cottage by the beach/lake? This lighthearted, shell-filled mason jar with blue ticking lampshade is just the added detail to add delight to your stay!

The quintessential brass, multi-armed chandelier with crystals will make any shabby-chic fan or French apartment lover swoon.

More brass and crystals! This one is more in the "Old World" styling for an elegant touch.

An electrified Victorian oil lamp sits next to an etched, stacked-ball glass lamp, waiting for a shopper to claim their style and take them home!

Novelty shapes of animals, like this rooster lamp, make a whimsical choice for the kitchen. It's always nice to have a second set of eyes to follow the recipe!

What's a Grecian urn? It'll earn you some compliments if you stage it properly (ask us--we love to help with your decorating needs!) on a great side table!

More clear, pressed glass. Great for the romantic bedroom, or the dainty powder room.

A distinguished, dark finish with highlighted details is great for a man's night table or in the library.

Capodimonte ceramic roses on a curvy base, trimmed in gold. Great for a flower filled room in a romantic home.

A hanging lamp like this space-saving, three orb light brings vintage charm home from above!

Raised cameos are featured in the ornate design on this one-of-a-kind feminine and chippy metal lamp base.

Brass with a twist--this one has been painted white to focus on the great texture of the raised details. A woven fabric shade picks up the color in the recessed areas of the base.

All these lovely lights have our future looking pretty bright for our Thursday night (Sept. 22nd) opening! Don't forget we'll have our not-to-be-missed blow out PARKING LOT SALE on Saturday & Sunday (9/24 & 25th)!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


To look at us between sales, you'd think we're just a quiet, tidy little bunch. But just you wait until our next opening (September 22, 23, 24 & 25th) when we host our annual Autumn Parking Lot Sale!

The treasures (and the bargains!) come out of the woodwork and we'll show what we're really made of!

Join us on Saturday and Sunday (24th & 25th). You might find something that's just your "type"!