Friday, July 31, 2009

Did We Mention We Got A Mention?

One of our loyal customers, Fenima, discovered us about 6 months ago and kindly asked if she could take some pictures to post on her brand new blog Vintage Therapy. We were thrilled to say "YES", and now we're happy to say "Thank you" as well! As I recall, she and her husband came in and ended up buying a little something for one of her own little ones, in addition to some great items for herself!
We also want to thank the very talented Tara Campell, at Real Life Decorating & More

who has Room With A Past listed under her favorite resources! Her blog is all about "providing trends, ideas, resources, local events & MORE." We noticed her most recent post points the way to some fabulous savings on fabrics. Check out her great eye for color and easy DIY projects!
And a third mention came from Bonnie at Interiors By Design,
who was astonished by our great prices! She not only fell in love with our monthly sales, she posted a picture of how one of her finds is being used in her home! So often we are only privy to the beginning and middle of a decorating story. It was a real treat for us to hear about a happy ending.
Do you have a happy ending you'd like to share about something you've purchased at one of our monthly sales? Please contact us! We'd love to know all about it!


  1. Thanks so much for checking my blog. I've been MIA since I have a brand new baby. But I so don't wanna miss this August Room With A past.

  2. You cannot imagine my surprise when I found that you had mentioned my blog post about the store. Thank you for including it. Now I have written a blog post about my surprise! Thank you!

    Bonnie @

  3. Correction to my blogspot site url above:

    Thank you and see you at the sale! By the way I ♥ the big collage you made of all the ladies and their treasures from a few months ago. That was fun! Bonnie