Sunday, August 9, 2009

Help For Your Thingies!

As a ROOMIE, you know how important it is to be surrounded by THINGIES. We all feel a pull to gather whatever THINGIES tug at our hearts for one reason or another. Maybe it reminds us of dear relatives, or a moment that made our past special. And yes, you know you can count on the monthly openings at Room With A Past to find your THINGIES, but now--what to do with all the lovely THINGIES in your home?
We've got an easy tip that requires just one finger! CALL US! Who better than the "Queen of ROOMIES" to lend you a hand? Owner Susan Goodman has been putting roomfuls of THINGIES together in eye-catching, organized displays for years, and she shows no signs of stopping any time soon! She listens to your needs and can (with what seems like magic) organize your furniture and collectibles to fit your style in a jiffy! Prices start at $75.00, depending on size or how many collections there are.

(Photos from August issue of Romantic Homes Magazine)

You can call to contact Susan at (925) 933-1903. Give us a ring to get help with your THINGIES today!

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  1. Hi Susan, Thanks for stopping by my store today, (The Cottage) it was nice chatting with you, hope you found a bathroom :) I will have to get up your way sometime and visit your store, it looks like a lot of fun! You have some great things,