Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Return To The Past?

There is no doubt in our minds that there has been a surge in the sale of vintage items and that the good design of vintage items is on the rise! Creative reuse of what has already been produced and purchasing fairly-priced vintage items, as opposed to higher-priced newer items, is being given high priority in today's reality. Folks are pinching pennies where they can--Victory gardens are once again being plotted as we speak, both for enjoyment and to offset the cost of produce in the family budget.

This new frugality of hunkering down at home does not mean the end of happiness or fufillment, however. It does mean using your noodle to come up with creative ways to get what you want. Staying closer to home is already more commonplace than it was a year ago--why not make it a nice place to be? That's where Room With A Past comes in. We strive to bring you unique home decor items, from accessories to furniture, at fabulous prices, topped with the cherry of our personal customer care!

With this blog, we hope to bring our fellow "Roomies" (see column at right) tips, inspiration and things we've overheard (and wish we'd thought of first!) on the subject of home decorating and design.

Will this "economic downslide" bring about a return to values of the past? A renewed attention to, and an appreciation of quality design and decorative detail? A focus on hearth, home and family? One can hope...

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