Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Vintage Love Never Grows Old

This is not vintage eye candy; it's an entire feast! Please fulfill your Roomie little brain by clicking on the image to see it full size! According to the SHORPY; THE 100-YEAR-OLD PHOTO BLOG this photo is "O.J. DeMoll, interior." The DeMoll furniture store at 12th and G streets N.W. in Washington circa 1925." Look at the mirrors on the wall, the lamps (can you see the one with a butterfly finial?), the sea of silk shades! And who's that man watching me over to the left? Not that I would want my home to look exactly like this, but the Roomie in me really appreciates the "art" in these pieces.

Now, please pull that davenport (did you see the pattern on it?!?!? I wish I could read the price tag!!!) a little closer to me 'cuz I think I'm about to faint! (Wow, from this horizontal position on the sofa, I have a really good view of the tin ceiling!)

Update: Wish granted:

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