Monday, April 6, 2009

Vintage Vavoom

When this book came out about a year ago, it was given its own party! I asked for it and received it as my Mother’s Day gift! Its 217 pages are packed with luscious bliss, multiple full-color photos, and tons of tips. If sweets were a treat for your eyes, THIS is what they would look like!

There are eight organized chapters to help keep your swirling mind on track. It covers everything from what you might already collect to how to care for whatever you’re about to buy. Included at the end of every chapter is a “Dream Diary Workshop” with 3 - 5 exercises to help you discover your personal vavoom preferences. Each chapter is sugared with how-to’s: paint a floor, mixing styles, color combinations, the basics to shop for, and so, so, so much more.

I suggest you keep a notebook nearby to jot down the informative bits served to you as you find them, because there is so much to look at, you’ll forget where you first saw it!
On a scale of 1 – 4 (one for each chamber of my heart) this book gets a FIVE! I think with all the eye-popping, heart-thumping photos, I may have developed an extra chamber! It’s a little pricey at $35.00, but check with your local library to see if, like mine, they have it, before you decide to buy. One look and I guarantee, you'll want it to vavoom your room!

Vintage Vavoom: Decorating With One Of A Kind Finds / the editors of Romantic Homes Magazine. Published by Random House/Potter, ISBN 978-0-307-38274-0


  1. Dear Roomie,
    Next time I come to your shop, can I take some pictures of your gorgeous items? Some of time my co-workers or friends can't make it to the shop and would love to see what they might want to buy or what they're missing. I can just post them on my blog (private blog), so they can all see them and I will for sure link your website/ blog. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Taking photos of anything in the shop is fine, unless it is copywrited or protected by an artist's clause. Just ask when you come in! Making sure your friends & co-workers are on the monthly emailing list is another great way to see "what's in store" too! They can sign up through the website at

    Hope to see you soon!

  3. Thanks Jan for the hook-up to this book. I love your vintage flair, your talent and personality.

  4. Hi, I finally got my hands on this lovely book, I asked for it for Mother's Day (copying you! :)Thanx for the picture and preview review, it made it easier for me decide if I liked it! Great Book with many Ideas for my home and vintage trailer
    Thanx Again Roomies!