Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Keep Looking Until You Find Yourself!

Feeling a little lost? Now you can literally "find yourself" at Room With A Past! Did you make it into the shop a few months ago for our "Escape To Treasure Island" opening? We took LOTS of pictures of LOTS of our happy customers with their treasures after a fun and busy shopping trip!

Then our very own Roomie Susan assembled them into a colorful collage that represents what we hope to achieve every month: helping you find something that makes your heart happy.

We love that we now have a picture of a hundred stories, all with happy endings, in the hallway at the shop for everyone to see. It makes us smile every time we walk by to see our customers lovingly holding a true treasure!

(If you look close, (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger) you can find a "man fan" in this


In fact, there are more and more men coming in to shop instead of waiting in out the car!)

So next time you come into the shop you can "find yourself" while you "lose yourself" among the treasures and great prices we present to you every month!

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