Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paris Flea Market ~ Lueur!

Remember this plywood floor and exposed drywall? It's begun its transformation!

The walls are primed and the floors are ready for a (surprise) fun treatment upstairs!

The walls downstairs are starting to glow...

Here's that wide hallway we were talking about in the previous post:

Things are looking good in the powder room too!

And the stark wall behind this vanity is no longer.....!

Oops, you got a little paint on your nose there!

We've been working hard and having fun at our new Paris Flea Market (Livermore, CA) location, but now it's time to scrub our hands clean and get ready for our Room With A Past (Walnut Creek, CA) March opening which starts next Thursday, March 18th. Hope to see you soon!

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