Sunday, June 27, 2010

There's A Whole LOT to See!

Are you any where near Walnut Creek, CA? If not, do you have quick access to a jet plane? A speedy train? A pal with an extra set of goggles and a sidecar?!?!? You have GOT to make it here to the last day of our annual parking lot sale! Not only do we have all the stuff we usually have inside the shop, but we've brought in everything we've been stashing in our garages, up in the attic and under our beds for this outside sale!

This is the sale that even us resident ROOMIES go crazy over, because "one well-intentioned woman's once sought after trash is one highly imaginative, see it in another re-purposed use woman's treasure"!

There is literally a ton of items here waiting to furnish several houses, or

gardens, or .........!
We (read: our husbands) DO NOT want any of this stuff to go back into storage. There are serious steals and deals waiting to be had. A whole LOT of them!
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  1. Love the parking lot sale, and brought home a dresser on Saturday!!!

  2. Thanks for coming Fenima! It was so lovely to see you! Glad you found something again this month.