Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lots And Lots Out In The LOT!

This is the parking lot where it's all going to happen today, Saturday September 18 (9AM-4PM), and Sunday the 19th (10AM-4PM).

And this is just a little peek at what we're famous for doing in said parking lot:

Yes, it's our end of summer PARKING LOT SALE, where there are "bargains to be had and always something to make you glad!"

We've got everything but the kitchen sink! You'll find furniture, linens, silver, garden items, clothes, jewelry, kitchen ware, art, mirrors,

lamps, rugs, lace, baskets and TONS more.

If it rains on our parade, we're going to hire a aeronautical virologist to seed the clouds above with tons of silica pellets we've saved from those little packages they put in shoe boxes to dry those drops right up. (Just seeing if your still reading our blog when you should be heading down to our SALE!)
(Photos from our last Parking Lot sale)

If it rains, just look for our tents. We've got a lotta stuff, so you might be able to actually see them from space! (Seriously, why are you not here already?!?!?!)

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