Saturday, January 8, 2011

If You Know Where To Look

You know how when it's foggy, gray and cold outside for about 5 days in a row you begin to feel a little glum? You hold on to the thought that the sun really IS up there somewhere, still shining in a clear blue sky? Well, it's kind of like that for us ROOMIES (are you one?) when the lull of the holidays is over and the days of early spring seem so far away. But, if you keep your eyes on the prize, you might just find small sprouts of hope around the shop.

Every year about this time, the roses start to trickle in. "It is the season of "love" with February just around the corner!" we tell ourselves. "Besides, there's no wrong time of year to have roses, right?"
So you can find them here and there if you poke around a little. They might be hanging on a wall,
or underfoot.
You might see them decorating a hat on a small shelf,
or strung on a piece of wearable art,
or waiting for when it's time to store away those thick winter hats and gloves back into a box!
Because just like the fog will recede to reveal the sun, we'll be ready to see things in full bloom!
And as long as we have to wait for the minutes to pass, we might as well be looking in the right place!

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