Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two By Two

It was raining (more than just dogs and cats--it was more like bobcats and St. Bernard's!) but we still, thankfully, had lots of customers who came into the shop (by ark) and bought almost all of our most popular sellers this month: dressers, water pitchers, bird cages, frames, linens of every sort and spring decor. We truly do love and appreciate our customers. Besides the fact that they braved the inclement weather to keep us busy doing what we love to do, they keep us smiling too.

Terri and daughter Charlotte found refuge from the downpour. It was a great mother/daughter outing to shop among the spring offerings.

Another happy pair: the lovely Leslie (with husband Len next to her it's hard to tell where all that hair ends and begins!) tried on some vintage sunglasses in hopes it might bring out the sun for a bit. And it must have worked because...

later that day, Jason and Diane came in and found the perfect coffee table and loaded it up in the trunk without a drop of water having spilled from the sky!

And helping us feel all warm and sunny inside on our last day of the sale were the always rosy Kathleen and daughter Mary, dressed in pink to help root on those spring days!

Thanks to ALL our customers who graced us with warm smiles and helped us make it through the storm. We hope to see you again in April (14 - 17th) when we'll have our sunny sides up!

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