Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Telling Your Mom..............!

Well, we're telling our moms anyway, and hopefully YOU will tell yours too! What are we telling her? That we love her!

This is the month (sale starts tonight, April 14-17) when you'll find lots of things in the shop that will help say "I love you!" on Mother's Day (May 8th!).

What kind of child were you? Did you "pattern" your life with the truths she told?

Did you always remember to wear clean undies and carry a hanky?

Were you a tad rambunctious?

How will you honor that love?

Will you reminisce about both the good and the bad days?

Will you take her out to tea?

Will you make her Queen For A Day?

How about a new bag or new shoes (that no one can fill quite like her!)

What about some new baubles? We have both elegant and fun! Just like her.

However you spend the day, we hope you have the blessing of telling your mom "I love you."

And if you don't; we're telling!

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