Friday, February 10, 2012

What's Missing?

Well this is embarrassing; here you are expecting to see a magical tour of all the wonderful things we have for February, but something's definitely a-miss! The front display is still in the works, but it's not just that.

Yes, there are a few details yet to be taken care of, it's true, but it's not just that!

There are barren shelves to be filled with little treasures, sure, but something else is missing too.

Yes, we realize we currently lack some sparkle,

some furniture and (unforgettably important!) some baked goods laid out to greet you at the table.

We must apologize that there's not a single speck of fudge, almond roca, or saltwater taffy to offer you at the moment, but it is on it's way!

Don't worry about the walls looking a bit, um, naked shall we say? We've got frames, art and vintage mirrors to fill it all up by the time we open the door.

But there's still something else we need!

Something that we love to see every month, rain or shine, that completes the scene in our store!

It's YOU!

We would miss YOU, so please don't miss us! Our next opening is February 16, 17, 18 & 19th and it wouldn't be the same without YOU!

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