Monday, July 23, 2012

Almost Ready To Shine!

You've caught us with our bloomers down again! We're not quite dressed up in the magical finery that we like to present to you, but we thought you'd like to see what we look like before the curtain opens this Thursday at 5 PM!

There's no laying down on the job when you have a lot of work to do. This bed spring in a delicious green will become a wondrous display when it's up on the wall:

Need a ladder? We've got all kinds of them to sort through and price!

All this regal chandelier lacks is a hook on the ceiling before it makes its shining debut.

We can't wait to see what one-of-a-kind baubles jewelry artist Ann Tatum has to share this month!

There are lots of things on the floor yet to be hung on the walls!

More empty walls await some artful arraigning of frames, while tabletop displays are still packed away.

Linens and laces are waiting to be fluffed, folded and stacked onto their shelves:

Suck in your stomach and follow me down the hallway!

There are still boxes of summer treasures waiting to be unpacked:

This looks a like a trail of pirate booty!

We can't wait to welcome you!

Don't miss how we pull it all together for our July opening: July 26 - 29th!

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