Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drab To FAB Makeover

We know you love the fabulous CeCe Caldwell's Paints because it's an all “green”, no-need-for-priming or sanding paint. But let's put it to the test and see just what this stuff can do!

How'd we do the simply gorgeous drab to FAB transformation shown above? The tall, dark & handsome dresser, was in good shape overall, but it needed to be perked up! We chose the cheery qualities of Alaskan Tundra Green to do just that. The original bright brassy hardware was first removed, and given a coat of black spray paint. Then we put brush to wood, and tackled the job in no time flat! Cece's Clear Wax gave it the protection it needed to be pressed into service in its new home.

We carry the full line luscious colors, and we now have the NEW COLORS (for a total of 36 fabulous choices!), the easy to apply wax back in clear and dark, plus the satin finish and NEW GLAZE! Check out the PROJECT GALLERY to see what this stuff can do and send us your pictures! Interested in finding out about our upcoming paint classes? Email us at so we can fill you in on the very latest news.  

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Hope to see you at our next opening: October 18, 19, 20 & 20th at Room With A Past, 1557 Third Ave, Walnut Creek, CA

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