Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Before And After ~ Baby Crib

Got the baby blues, or maybe a little empty nest syndrome? Well, cheer up. We're of the belief that when life gives you lemons, you don't stop at lemon aide. You sweeten it up a notch, give it some substance and make lemon pie. In other words, you take what you've got and change it into something new you can use!
This was the headboard of the out-dated, wood crib above before it became a chalkboard message center. (Or an ever-changing favorite quotes board as it is below).

Not to be tossed aside on recycling day is the side rail, which can be hung from the ceiling and used as a pot rack type configuration to store items up high as shown here,

or hang it on a wall to store and display linens, or use it as a quilt rack. You've got two of them, so you can have one of each!
But wait, theeeerrrrrrre's more! You can use the springy mattress support as a bulletin board! Use magnets or cute clips to attach anything you want to see front and center.

What ingredients have you got laying around that could be a recipe for a transformation? Get cookin'!


  1. OMG...don't you KNOW I am going out to find a baby crib! These ideas are ALL so cute...
    Speaking of cute...I love your blog.
    O, my name is bj and I'm over from French Lique. So glad I came. I want to link up to follow and then read all your posts..
    Please stop by and say hi...
    xo bj

  2. CUTE ideas!
    I love the chalkboard from the end of the crib... very smart. I've used the springs from our kid's crib as a wall display and a 'pot rack' type of fixture. Works like a charm!

    Deb @ Retreat