Saturday, February 20, 2010

If You Love It Sooo Much Why Don't You Marry It?

What's a fun-lovin' gal to do when she is head over heels, in love with what she does for a living?

(Susan Goodman--owner & a friend)

Vase-less flowers + a vintage wedding veil + a stray male customer who was accosted by a vintage ladies hat = a little impromptu ceremony! It's just one of the fun things that happens when the ROOMIES (who never miss an opportunity to have fun) at Room With A Past get together.

Our February sale is upon us, so please consider this your cordial invitation! The pleasure of your company is requested to witness our customers falling in love with our one-of-a-kind finds through Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Oh If only I could get away right now!!!!!! I need a good shopping trip! I am lovin' that hat on that sweet man! LOL!
    luvs and glitter