Friday, August 27, 2010

Tables With A Side Of "CUTE" Please

Thank you for coming. How may I take your order? A side table? Yes, we have lots of those!

Something a little different you say? I suggest you try something from our sampler. How about a vintage side table that's been spiffed up with a bright & happy color?

Or may I suggest a double-decker?

The yellow is especially yummy today.

Would you like your legs, well done?

Would you like that open-faced?
Yes, you can order two open-faced ones if you like!

and for dessert--something cool and refreshing, or

something very sweet is highly recommended also.

Now that you've had your fill, would you like the rest (on wheels) to go?
Thank you very much for coming, we enjoyed treating you, and we hope you'll come back soon!

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