Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did We Mention We Got A Mention?

We were pleased as punch to have been mentioned in the February issue of our local Diablo Magazine!

(Illustration from Diablo Magazine)

This month's issue featured an article about the success and circumstances of successful "Pop-up Shops" --stores that are not open every day. They state that these types of stores "provide retailers with the flexibility to open at the most opportune times while building up buzz and a unique product line for each opening—all without the commitment of running a full-time store." That describes us pretty well--we're always a-buzz about something! They also say "success depends on many factors (location, availability of short-term leases, word of mouth)" but what they don't mention is customer loyalty, which is number one in our book, and why we appreciate our customers so much!

We hope you'll pop on in to our (quickly approaching!) next opening, February 17 - 20th!

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