Monday, February 28, 2011

The Walls Have Ears (And Mouths!)

The scene: the Room With A Past sale has just seen the end of Sunday evening sale day. The customers who perused the many treasures and filled the building with bustling energy for the last 4 days have all gone. The pastry crumbs have been washed off the platters, the lamps have been turned off, the curtains are closed and all is quiet. Until.........
Cat Hanger was the first to speak: "It's as quiet as a mouse in here!"

"Ha, ha. You know that was only funny the first time, right?" squeaked Mouse Hanger.

"Please don't say "MOUSE"!" pleaded Pink Elephant.

"Knock it off you guys! I've got a HUGE headache. Man, I urn for an aspirin"

"Ha, ha--good one! You really know how to pepper a conversation!" exclaimed Peppy, as Salty felt worthy of a chuckle.

"Well, another lovely sale has been all buttoned up." mentioned Altered Sisters in unison

"And the customers were all so suet!" noted Three Birds.

"Stop, stop, stop!" begged the Puppies Door Stop.

"My dogs are tired" snorted Small Skunk.
"Really? Well that ranks pretty high with me! " retorted Dog Figurine.

"Look at all the dust!" noticed the Bunnies. "We've all got to hop to it and clean this place up to ready things for the next opening!"

"Well then, we'd better stop lion around!" remarked Lion Statue.

"Then let's get cookin'!" Chef Shakers said as they all worked busy as bees to clean the entire shop.

"You know a little birdie told me the next sale is March 17, 18, 19 & 2oth!" chirped Porcelain Bird.

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