Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Past Due Tuesday ~ Have A (Glass) Ball (Ornie)

Welcome to Past Due Tuesday, where all things vintage get their due by sharing them with others!
If you are new and would like to participate in “PDT”, please follow the instructions below. We would love to have you join us!

All that glitters is not gold. Some of it is glass! And today we are featuring what is all around us this time of year--vintage glass ornament bulbs. Traditionally found hung as reflective mini fun house mirrors (come on, we KNOW you've looked at your face in one at least once in your life, right?) on REAL Christmas trees in the 1940's and 1950's, they have many other more "modern" uses in today's holiday vignettes, too.

Layered in large clear vases and jars, they are lovely! Or add them as embellishments to your tired wreaths hung on your front door for a smile every time you come and go!

Use them in crafts, or make a centerpiece using bulbs of your theme colors nestled in a long vessel on your holiday table.
Even if they loose their colorful "skins", they still have life yet. You can soak them in warm water, and the skins will slough away. Then you'll be left with shining silver glass. Crush them (carefully) to a pulp to produce glitter (which will eventually tarnish) for even more creativity throughout the holidays and the new year!!!

Now it's your turn! Please share your passion for vintage items by following these simple guidelines:

1) Post a picture of something vintage that you love, on your blog and tell us all about it! What’s the story behind it? Do you have an entire collection of them? Where’d you get it? Who did it belong to? What do you use it for, etc?
2) Add a link to your blog (in the MckLinky area at the bottom of this post).
3) Feel free to add the "Past Due Tuesday" button to your post or your blog’s sidebar.
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4) Test your links and make sure they’re working! If your link gets deleted, it's because you missed one of the guidelines, so just reread them and repost again!
5) Visit and comment on as many of the other bloggers who are participating in “giving vintage it’s due” as you can, and have fun reading & learning about vintage items every Tuesday!

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