Friday, October 9, 2009

More Before...Sweet Treats

When was the last time you saw one of these delectable china cabinets with this much detail? It's cute before, but after....

it's absolutely DARLING!!!! It's a creamy white outside and ...

and a soft, sweet, light pink inside. Just like CANDY!
Only it won't give you a tummy ache. But it will make your heart pound faster.
We also have another HUGE "after" to share within the shop this month. We painted one whole wall in a "melted chocolate ice cream" brown. If you are already signed up to receive our monthly email announcement you'll get to see it first! If not, you can sign up HERE to get on our email list. (CAUTION: WALL MAY CONTAIN NAILS --DO NOT LICK!)


  1. This is just charming!! What a great idea to paint the inside light pink. With that chocolate wall what else would come to mind but~Neapolitan ice cream~.Yummy!! Will this be for sale?

  2. Yes, it will be for sale during the October opening on Oct 15-18th! Hope to see you then!