Thursday, October 1, 2009

Puttin' A Spin On It

We ROOMIES always know how to put a cute spin on everything, and our sign spinner gals are no exception! Let us introduce you to these two cuties Heather and Claudia, who help direct you to our street during the sale dates with big signs and big smiles. Have you seen them building up their

biceps and triceps as they spin their signs on the corner of Third Avenue and North Main Street in Walnut Creek?

Every month they come up with their own clever costumes to wear while they're spinning. The only problem as we see it is that our next opening (Oct. 15 - 18th) is Halloween, and because they are a couple of cutie patooties, we just can't imagine that ANYTHING they wear for our opening will look scarey on them!!!!


  1. what a fun blog -- now i have to do some research to find out just how far walnut creek is from laguna hills where i live -- i grew up with twin girlfriends named heather and claudia! off to mapquest...and happy to be a new follower.

  2. We're half way between Napa and San Francisco, either of which are a great excuse to come explore and visit us while you're here! Hope to see you soon!