Monday, October 26, 2009

Past Due Tuesday ~ Czech Opera Purses

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Can you tell which came from Czechoslovakia and which were "Made In China"? These popular purses were usually fashioned with flowers stitched on a white medallion over a black background.

According to my research:

Petite and precious, the early 1900's petit point opera bag is an original and has remained in outstandingly pristine condition only due to the fact that it was used on rare occasions. The number of such events in the new Czechoslovakia were as bright and colorful as the bouquet of roses, tulipans and forget-me-nots delicately petit-point stitched upon the opera bag. Colorful as the occasions may have been in a time of nearly a century past, and colorful remains the brilliance of each stitch meticulously crossed, pulled, and tied into a bouquet as fresh as the day the flowers were "chosen".

These were particularly unique to the Czech culture, for it represented not only the acute needlework skills of the women, but the choice of native flowers near the villages in which the women were living. Patterns of flowers vary in these petite purses accordingly, with wider abundance of periwinkle or bachelor buttons in some areas; larger or smaller roses in some, and forget-me-nots and lilies of the valley in clustered bouquets in others. Frame styles also varied according to areas in which they were produced. The more elaborate being made closer to the larger cities. Entirely hand worked, the petit point was a skill ascribed to few of the day and laborious time and effort in accomplishing the artistic creation upon the black background was a work of art! (ANSWER: The bottom purse was Made In China)

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  1. How interesting! I will never look at one of these lovely little purses again without thinking about where it came from and what flowers must grow there. Thanks.