Friday, November 20, 2009

No Fudging On The Smiles!

Wow, we had a super busy sale this month, full of fun and lots of great vintage holiday stuff, but with one more opening coming up before Christmas, we're not done yet!!! Expect to see us unpack even more stuff from our personal seasonal stash (some of us are down-sizing at home and you reap the benefits of our "goodie hoarding" big time next month.)

Kitty, (owner) Susan and Jennifer O'Neil

We also, once again, were graced with the smiles of Kitty and Jennifer O'Neil . I know these gals love our shop, but I think they heard we were selling Charlotte's Fudge and needed a OHMYGOODNESSTHISISGOOD moment! Don't worry if you missed that too--there will be fudge o' plenty (packed with a fork for immediate consumption!) at our December sale too!

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