Monday, November 30, 2009

Past Due Tuesday ~ Baby Days

Welcome to Past Due Tuesday, where all things vintage get their due by sharing them with others!

If you are new and would like to participate in “PDT”, please follow the instructions below. We would love to have you join us!

When was the last time you wore something soft and soothing (which probably smelled good too!)? Seems like when you're 18 - 45 years old your fashion sense is whatever is in style at the time, and comfort takes a seat in the very back of the vogue train. Speaking from experience, this ROOMIE can say that things start to lax again at the other end of the life curve. Yes, winter fleece sweatpants start to look better and better every year. But I digress. Think back to when you were very very small, and were carefully wrapped in something cute like this:

Can't you just smell the cloud of baby powder from the 1940's to 1950's from here?

Tiny buttons, ties, minute needlework and nursery animal shapes makes these baby wraps so precious. Even if your own babies are grown, can't you imagine displaying these on a clothesline, making pillows or something out of these? After all, CUTE is always in style!

Now it's your turn! Please share your passion for vintage items by following these simple guidelines:

1) Post a picture of something vintage that you love, on your blog and tell us all about it! What’s the story behind it? Do you have an entire collection of them? Where’d you get it? Who did it belong to? What do you use it for, etc?

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4) Test your links and make sure they’re working! If your link gets deleted, it's because you missed one of the guidelines, so just reread them and repost again!

5) Visit and comment on as many of the other bloggers who are participating in “giving vintage it’s due” as you can, and have fun reading & learning about vintage items every Tuesday!


  1. Oh these are so sweet...., and,yes,I can smell the baby powder.

  2. LOL! When I saw this post I almost went through the boxes in storage to find my little Christening dress, slip, and shoes!!! (From 1954!)
    I love the tiny, delicate stitching on baby clothes from that era.