Friday, November 6, 2009

Vintage Decorating In The News ~ Straighten Up Your Shabby Past!

Interior by Elaine Griffin, author of "Design Rules"
According to labeled "now" designer Elaine Griffin quoted in Inside BayArea on October 30, 2009, "draped, rolled and shabby (as in unkempt) are "so yesterday, darling." and "Blazing hot: Stuff from eBay and refurbished heirlooms." Hey, we know where you can get your hands on some of those!
The author continues with more on what design trends are "HOT" or "OVER":
Over: Draped throws — the flung fad has faded.
Blazing hot: Fold throws in neat verticals; place them over a chair back, sofa or across the foot of your bed.

Over: The tootsie roll towel is "ovah."
Blazing hot: Fold your towels and put them in square stacks.

Wood finishes
Over: Dark wood. Say sayonara to wengé and espresso finishes.
Blazing hot: Say hello to honey brown walnut and American mid-tone.

Over: Solid-colored sisal rugs, unless you live south of the Mason-Dixon Line or within walking distance of the beach.
Blazing hot: Patterned sisal, especially geometric-patterned sisal. Waterproof sisal outdoor rugs are still killer.
Over: Shag rugs. They were marvelous while their comeback lasted, which it didn't.
Blazing hot: Flat woven or dhurrie rugs are "pure grooviness."

Overall look
Over: Stuff that looks new.
Blazing hot: Stuff from eBay and refurbished heirlooms.

"You don't have to follow every new trend to have a current space," she assures, "But if you're going to repaint or get drapes, know what's in. If you're still enjoying your dark wood table, update the room with a new area rug or a few throw pillows."
Thanks Elaine! Can't wait to read your new book, "Design Rules" (Gotham Books, $25)!

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