Monday, November 2, 2009

Past Due Tuesday ~ Vintage Silver

Welcome to Past Due Tuesday, where all things "vintage" get their due by sharing them with others!

Thanks to you that joined us last time! If you are new and would like to participate in “PDT”, please follow the instructions below. We would love to have you join us!

Vintage silver and silver plate dishes & trays

A lot of folks now-a-days don't care for silver service. Why? Because they don't like to sit down, and mindlessly polish it.

Then there are others who LOVE silver. Why? Because they like to sit down and mindlessly polish it! (We like it a bit dark and tarnished too, which works out just fine.)

Silver napkin rings, cream & sugar set

Silver is extremely affordable these days. We find that the gleam and warmth makes adding a touch of elegance to your table so easy. We're unsure just how many holiday and fancy meals some of our current stock of silver may have seen, but be it marked or unmarked, it all sparkles just the same to us. A true blue ROOMIE who uses her noodle knows it's great to use a pretty silver dish for soap in the powder room or that a silver tumbler adds beauty to a flower arraignment placed on the kitchen window sill too.

Silver covered pedestal dish

Have you ever looked at the details in a pattern on one single spoon, fork or knife? That's a work of art you're holding as you gobble down your holiday turkey!

Now it's your turn! Please share your passion for vintage items by following these simple guidelines:

1) Post a picture of something vintage that you love, on your blog and tell us all about it! What’s the story behind it? Do you have an entire collection of them? Where’d you get it? Who did it belong to? What do you use it for, etc?

2) Add a link to your blog (in the MckLinky area at the bottom of this post).

3) Feel free to add the "Past Due Tuesday" button to your post or your blog’s sidebar.
(To add the button & image to your sidebar, follow these steps:
A. Save the image on this post to your computer.
B. Go to your add page layout page and click on the sidebar Add Gadget.
C. Scroll down to where you see add picture, click on that. Now select the image from your computer to download.
D. Now add the ROOMIES blog link in the link window and click save.)

(Please be sure to have your post up before linking in.)

4) Test your links and make sure they’re working! If your link gets deleted, it's because you missed one of the guidelines, so just reread them and repost again!

5) Visit and comment on as many of the other bloggers who are participating in “giving vintage it’s due” as you can, and have fun reading & learning about vintage items every Tuesday!

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  1. I missed the McLinky list because I didn't get my post done until today. I was out of town and not able to post. But, it's on my Over Good Ground site if anyone would like to visit and see a beautiful antique blue silk dress.

    Vintage silver is one of my favorite "old things" to collect. I agree that true Roomies use their old silver and live with the beauty of the past. Lovely idea!